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You asked, we answer

What discount will my code give?

  • Your code will give your network 10% off of items.

How we select Ambassadors?

  • We chose our Ambassadors by following concrete guidelines! These ensure that our Ambassadors will be successful in generating income, and providing Ruby's Pearls additional marketing. Some of these guidelines are:
  • High Instagram engagement rate, this is calculated by engagement/followers*100, we look for at least 15%.
  • Have an Instagram following of at least 3,000. We will accept you however if you have an outstanding engagement rate!
  • Diversity in location, we look for Ambassadors that are spread out geographically.
  • Represent our brand in a manner consistent with our website, social media, and customer service. We expect our Ambassadors to have clean and professional social media.

When is payout and how will it work?

  • At the end of each month we will generate sales made using your code, and give you money for 10% of that.

Why only Instagram?

  • Because this Ambassador Program is new, Instagram is the easiest social media platform to evaluate and keep track of.

What if my Instagram is private?

  • No biggie! Ruby's Pearls will follow you to generate your engagement rate and view your professionalism.

Can I carry over my store credit?

  • No! If you don't use the entire of the store credit, then it does not carry over.

Why was I not selected?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot select and manage every person that applies to our Ambassador Program! Every single woman is beyond beautiful! Please remember an Ambassador Program is a marketing strategy for a company to gain exposure. We have set guidelines we follow to accept Ambassadors. If you would like to learn more, please email!

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