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508 Conrad Hilton Blvd Cisco, Texas

Ruby's Pearls was born from a lot of heart and prayer.

We fell in love with the city of Cisco, Texas who was enthusiastically trying to update and restore their precious downtown and Main Street. Cisco is the home of the first Hilton Hotel. The town is full of rich character and deep roots.

The building we decided to home our boutique in was once a drug store, an art studio, and a music studio. Sadly, the building was burnt down and vandalized many years ago. You can see that at one point there was nothing but an empty shell with four walls and a tree growing at the bottom on the building. 

The CDC, Cisco Development Corporation, restored the building and when we found it- tremendous progress had been made. A local design and construction company, 7N Design, helped us transform an empty shell into our beloved boutique!

We went with German smeared walls, exposing some of the original rock framing the building.We used colors that were fresh and bright to give a light and airy feeling. We used antique pieces of furniture to display our products.

Our favorite part of our store, the heart, is The Well. Granny Ruby loved entertaining her guests with refreshments and sweets. We couldn't do the store without an area for people to enjoy some Blue Bell Ice Cream (Granny Ruby's favorite) and some yummy treats and drinks. We love when our customers just have a seat and take in that sweet space.

Ruby's Pearls is always evolving. We are looking forward to always keeping the store current with our products but also want to stay true to our roots and the heritage of Cisco.



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